How To Determine Your Bracelet Size

Using a flexible tape, measure snugly around the wrist on the elbow side of the wrist bone (or where you would wear a wristwatch). This is the wrist circumference. Add 1/4” to 1” inches to your measurement, depending on your desired fit, to determine the size to order. If you do not have a flexible tape measure available, you can use a string instead. It is not recommended you use an existing bracelet to measure because bead size can result in the actual length of the bracelet being different.  I make every effort to make bracelet as close as possible to the ordered size, however, sizes are approximate and perfect sizing is not guaranteed. Please measure carefully to avoid resizing and associated charges.
If you are unable to measure the wrist and do not know the bracelet size, the following is a general guide for adult bracelet sizes:

Adult Bracelet Sizing Guide

Petite 7″
Small 7 1/4”
Medium 7 1/2”
Large 7 3/4″
Extra Large 8″
For children’s bracelets, measure the child’s wrist as described above. Add ½” for ages up to 3 and ¾” for ages 3-12.  You may also use the average sizes below:

Child’s Bracelet Sizing Guide

Newborn  4 1/4”
3-6 mos.  4 1/2″
6-12 mos  4 3/4″
12-18 mos  5″
18-24 mos  5 1/2″
2-3 yrs  5 3/4″
4-5 yrs  6″
6-7 yrs  6 1/2″
8-12 yrs

 6 3/4″












Necklace Fit

The following is a reference guide for the fit of your necklace.  Extenders are available for an extra charge.
13” to 16” Choker and Collar Length- Lies above the collar bone or on the neck.
17″ to 19” Princess Length- Rests on the collarbone.
20″-24″ Matinee Length- Drapes just above, at, or below the neckline.
28″-32″ Opera Length- Below the chest.
Over 45” Lariat or Rope- A long string of beads, which can be looped, wrapped or draped. A Lariat will not have a clasp and Rope may or may not have a clasp.