Jewelry Care

Caring For Your Jewelry Pieces

Your jewelry piece has been crafted with care, using high quality crystals, gemstones, and components. Proper care is recommended to avoid breakage and keep your piece looking new.
Avoid exposure to chemicals and high impacts, by not wearing your jewelry while bathing, swimming in a pool or hot tub, doing the dishes, cleaning with any type of chemicals, or participating in any sports or other high-impact activities. Exposure to even mild soaps can be harmful. Sleeping in your jewelry is not recommended, as it may place unnecessary strain on the components. In order to prevent breakage, it is recommended that you have bracelets restrung every 18 to 24 months.
Prevent tarnishing and scratches by storing each piece separately in a cool, dry place and in a jewelry box, small plastic bag, or the cloth pouch your piece came in. Tarnishing is caused by oxidation and is not damaging to the silver.  An anti-tarnish polishing cloth rubbed gently on the piece can easily remove and prevent buildup of tarnish on metal beads and components. Please take care to avoid contact with the other beads, as publishing resource with each repeated polishing cloth can remove the special effects coatings.
Polish your  jewelry on a regular basis to keep it looking new. Use of jewelry cleaner or tarnish removing dips or pasts  is not recommended, as it can be too harsh for some beads and can remove the decorative oxidation that produces an antique look. Instead, use of polishing cloths  is highly recommended.  The cloth are an inexpensive way to keep your jewelry looking nice and are available for purchase in our store.